Ready made, whole food,
weight loss program delivered

Ready made, fresh not frozen, delivered weekly, naturally gluten free, refined sugar free,no artificial preservatives, low carb with dairy free, vegetarian & keto options.

Real food <span>made real simple</span>

Real food made real simple

What we eat is the biggest contributor to our health and weight. It out weighs exercise 3 to 1. So we got rid of everything but nutritious whole food ingredients then cooked it all up and created 64 correctly portioned beautiful meals ready for you to choose your faves to heat, eat and enjoy.

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When you know better, <span>you do better</span>

When you know better, you do better

When you understand nutrition, you master all parts of your health. So for us a whole food nutritionist is a must to help you towards your goals. Meet with one of our dietitian/nutritionists before you start and again after a month to refine your results. Got a question? They are only a text away.

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Simply sign up

Simply sign up

Enter a few contact details and your payment details. Then you’ll receive a call from your new nutritionist to book in your first meeting. After that meeting you’ll start receiving your fresh ready made meals weekly to your door.

Simply sign up here

Have fresh and nutritious ready made breakfast, lunch and dinner meals delivered fresh to your door every week. Does that sound wonderful? Simply sign up online, then one of our whole food nutritionists will give you a call to book a meeting with you to help you understand nutrition and get you to your goals. Then all you have to do is enjoy some tasty whole food meals and watch the weight drop off.

Three ready made meals per day

Six days per week. Delivered fresh each week.
Thats 18 meals per week and under $14 per meal including the support of one of our nutritionists.

Tips and advice content

Meet with one of our nutritionists before you start.Give them a text anytime you have a question and meet again after one month to refine your progress.

$250 per week

3 month minimum, cancelation fee apply

Simply sign up here

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Head on over to Eat Real Simple where you can order one off meals or a week of meals or however you want to order

Eat Real Simple

A few faves

Chia and Blueberry Porridge(GF, RSF, DF, V)
Gnocchi (GF, RSF)
Beef Lasagne (GF, RSF)
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