Ready made, whole food,
weight loss program delivered

Simply Lose It is a weight loss program designed by Eat real Simple and Caryn Zinn Nutrition. The basis of the program is whole food. We believe that the primary function of food is to nourish your body. Everything else is secondary. If your weight loss program is feeding you empty calories, you’re on the wrong program. Clients visit a Whole Food Nutritionist (WFN) who partner with Eat Real Simple. The nutritionist will determine which calorie level the client needs. Every program will have a component of calories that need to be filled by the client. This will be mainly fresh produce and dairy. (for example - which yoghurt to add to their cereal) and the WFN will guide clients in choosing the best option. Simply Lose It will provide breakfast, lunch & dinner for a 6 day week program. With the 7 day either as an optional add on, or client choice guided by WFN.

We recommend you start with a three month program. During this time, you will get an understanding of what healthy nourishing food is through our whole food dietitian. Your body will also have time to adapt to the removal of unhealthy processed food and sugars. Once you have reached your ideal weight, you will have the choice to go on a maintenance program, or to order meals for the days that you feel you do not want to cook.

Everybody is unique, and therefore their weight loss goals and requirements are unique. One of the many reasons we have chosen to partner with whole food nutritionists is that they will be in the best position to determine how much weight you need to lose, and over what time period. While we all want instant results, we believe in the healthiest route.

Your whole food nutritionist will determine the correct calorie level for you, and also determine if a ketogenic plan is the right plan for you, remembering that it is not simply about counting calories, but counting the calories that will nourish your body.

Once you have a healthy attitude towards your weight and weight loss and the scale doesn’t become an obsession, it is best to weigh yourself every morning as soon as you wake up. Then take the weights from each day and average them over the week. This is the most accurate way to track your weight. The most important thing to understand here is that weight loss is never a straight line down a graph, rather it fluctuates, but the trend should be a downward trend.

This is perhaps the biggest question for anyone to ask. Once you have a good understanding of whole foods, and you have learned to avoid processed foods and empty calories, maintaining a healthy weight loss becomes easy. It’s when we start slipping back into unhealthy choices, that our weight begins to creep up. We would recommend that while you are learning how to maintain your weight loss, that you check in with your whole food nutritionist regularly.

We sell a selection of the meals separately over at

There is a sliding cancellation fee during the first 12 weeks of the Program. When cancellation occurs during weeks 1–4, the fee is $375, $275 during weeks 5–8 and $175 during weeks 9–12. This fee covers our set-up and dietitian startup costs paid in advance by Simply Lose It.

Simply sign up online, then you will receive a call from your new whole food dietitian and together you will work out a time for your first meeting. This can be on the North Shore in Auckland or can schedule a skype appointment. Once you have meet with your dietitian your payments will start and the meals you selected from your online dashboard will get delivered every Friday. You can login and change your meals at any time within 5 days of delivery. After four weeks you will meet with your dietitian again to refine your program to help you achieve your goals. You will keep receiving meals until you end your subscription.